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Technicians and Technologists can be found working in tons of different cool and exciting jobs in areas like Robotics, Electronic Gaming, Building Design, Environmental Protection, Aviation, Biomedical, and so many more!

Technical Colleges and Institutes in BC and across Canada is where it all starts!

Listed below is some of the latest news from various post secondary institutes around the province who offer accredited technology programs.

If you’re a member of faculty or co-op and have some great news to share, let us know and we’ll post it!


ASTTBC Congratulates BCIT Awards Recipients

ASTTBC placed an advertisement in the Business in Vancouver magazine in September in which we extend congratulations to the recipients of BCIT 2010 awards. “ASTTBC and the BCIT Alumni Association have a great working relationship,” said ASTTBC Executive Director, John Leech. The two organizations have a signed Memorandum of Understanding which lays out how the two will work together and support one another. ASTTBC is one of the sponsors of the annual BCIT Alumni awards.


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