ASTTBC had three registrant board directors’ terms expiring in 2024, and a call for applications was made and published on our website. The nominations committee received three applications, from existing board directors who are running again, and approved all three as candidates. As the number of nominated candidates is the same as the number of vacancies, the candidates are acclaimed and no election will be held.

Congratulations to the following candidates, who will continue to serve the public interest and ASTTBC in their positions as registrant board directors:

Ken Zeleschuk, AScT, PTech, RTMgr
Randy Meszaros, AScT
Prakash Joshi, AScT, PTech, PLEng

Volunteering as an ASTTBC board director is an excellent way to serve the public interest in the practice of applied science technology. Questions regarding the nomination process may be directed to the registrar and nomination committee by email to