As we near the end of 2023, we want to take a moment to reflect gratefully on the past year, and specifically on the things that have made us a stronger, more resilient organization. Often with achievements come challenges, and we welcome both, because we understand that the journey to manage challenges brings learnings, opportunities to lead, and will ultimately contribute to our success.  

A priority for 2023 was reserved practice, and this will remain a priority until it is implemented. While these are confidential discussions with key stakeholders, we do want to share information as appropriate. There has been much engagement with all regulators and in particular with Engineers and Geoscientists BC (EGBC). ASTTBC and EGBC staff have an established steering group and a subcommittee who are focused on this area and the implications to both reserved practice and the regulated practice of engineering. Overall, the feedback has been generally positive of both the reserved practice proposal and related policy objectives. As always, we will keep you informed on important updates, because we know this will impact your future.

To better align with our equity, diversity and inclusion commitment, ASTTBC announced in April that we were in the process of eliminating the requirement for registrants to have Canadian work experience. This change was updated in our bylaws that were approved by the Minister in September 2023, which came just before the International Credentials Recognition Act received royal assent. Over the past year we have increased the stakeholders we engage with, with the aim to have many voices and perspectives at the table including registrants, employers, BC Government, regulators, post secondary institutes, immigrant societies, associations, and international committees.

This year marked ASTTBC’s 65th anniversary; a milestone that was celebrated by more than 125 people who travelled from all corners of British Columbia, with some coming from Manitoba, Ontario, and even Newfoundland & Labrador. The September event included a continuing professional development (CPD) session and networking event. We know how important these events are for registrants to feel connected, and we look forward to hosting the next one.

We’re proud of the big changes ASTTBC registrants have embraced. It’s been during this process that we’ve noticed registrants become more engaged and informed professionals. Registrants are asking questions, attending webinars, and putting the time in to complete their CPD to better support themselves, their careers, and to have a positive impact on the health and safety of the public and environment. To further support registrants we’ve improved the user-experience on our website with the addition of webpages and resources including our Practice Advice Program, new policies and a handbook for internationally trained professionals.

On behalf of ASTTBC, thank you. Thank you for another memorable year, where we’ve broken barriers and paved our own path forward. We hope each of you find ways to share time this holiday season with the people you love, and to feel the sense of joy and peace the season offers. No matter how you celebrate, as the year closes, please take a moment to reflect on the difference you have made. 

Best wishes,

Ken Zeleschuk, AScT, PTech, RTMgr, MBA, Dipl.T

Theresa McCurry, BSc, PMP