ASTTBC is pleased to share that it is currently accommodating people with remote invigilation for online exams in order to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

By bringing most exams online with remote invigilation, ASTTBC is ensuring people can take these important exams from the comfort and safety of their own home, or at a place of their choosing, while using their own hardware.

Accommodating invigilation for online exams was a project that included many hours of planning and testing to ensure the exam process and software was effective and successful. The service involves observing the exam-taker to confirm their identity and answer any questions they may have. To date, approximately two-dozen people have completed their exams online.

ASTTBC is proud of the work staff undertook to accommodate new measures in place —it is another example of how we’ve innovated to continue operations, while doing our part to help keep our communities safe. ASTTBC is committed to supporting essential workers by providing alternative ways to satisfy the educational requirement for certification – staff is available by both phone and email to answer any exam-related questions.

For more information, please email