This past June, the Professional Governance Act (PGA) was updated with a number of changes and ASTTBC recently updated its Bylaws to reflect these changes. The nomenclature will be brought into force in spring 2023, but ASTTBC wanted to begin updating documents immediately and embraced the change from Council to Board of Directors and related terms.

The ASTTBC Bylaws were approved by the Attorney General of BC and come into force on September 23, 2022. There have been some substantive updates to the bylaws, including to Schedule C – Fees; other updates include:

  • Changes to language – changed from Council to Board of Directors, President to Chair and Vice-President to Vice-Chair
  • Section 23 – appointment of committee and vice chairs
  • Section 36 (f) – Admission Requirements for practising registrants (all classes)
  • Section 50 – Reconsideration and review on the record
  • Section 53 and Section 53.1 – Transition provisions for associate and provisional registration.
  • Section 71 – Remedial Action by Consent and Section 72 – Citation for discipline
  • Notice of publication was updated:
    • sections 76.5 – Extraordinary Action Publication
    • section 77(a) and 77.1 – Remedial Action by Consent or Alternative Complaint Resolution Outcomes
    • section 77(b) – Consent Orders
    • section 77(c) – Citations
    • section 75.4 – Outcome of Discipline Hearings
  • Schedule A, Part 4 – registered building designer (RBD)

For further details please view the Bylaws here.