Basic Requirements

Applicants for registration as an Applied Science Technologist (AScT) or Certified Technician (CTech) require post-secondary education qualification and relevant work experience. The minimum requirements are:

  1. Education: for AScT, a Diploma of Technology or equivalent; for CTech, a Certificate of Technology or equivalent
  2. Work experience: Completion of 24 months (3,600 hours) progressive, relevant work experience of which a minimum of 12 months (1,800 hours) must be at the technologist/technician profile of practice or higher and in a Canadian work environment

For more details about registration requirements please check Part IV and Schedule A of the ASTTBC Bylaws.

How to Apply

All applications must be submitted online. Applicants are requested to create a free online account in order to save the information entered.

  1. Select the certification category (AScT or CTech)
  2. Select Option A (graduates from a recognized program – details in Schedule G, ASTTBC Bylaws) or Option B (Graduates from a non-recognized program or internationally trained professionals)
  3. Select level of certification (Technologist or Technician)
  4. Select a discipline
  5. Complete self-assessment (refer to Canadian Technology Standards)
    • Claim a 5 discipline-specific competencies including 3 mandatory ones and select indicators of performance for each claimed competency
    • Prioritize your competencies and make the one that most reflect your experience and education the most on top.
    • (Option B only) Rating each of general competencies, and select indicators of performance where requires (GC02/04 for Technologist level and GC02 for Technician level)
  6. Complete application and submit:
    • Select type of application
    • Enter personal information
    • Enter home address and contact information
    • Enter education information
    • Select employment status and enter employment information
    • Enter referees’ information
    • Provide ‘education and work experience related to each self-assessed competency claimed’, as well as that related to each general competency if choosing Option B (Please provide specific information relevant to the particular competency.)
    • Upload required documents as attachments to the application
    • Read ‘ASTTBC Code of Ethics and Practice Guideline’ and ‘ASTTBC Privacy Statement’ and check the appropriate boxes
    • Submit application and pay application fee online; or submit application and pay later
    • Request the original and official transcript of marks to be sent to ASTTBC directly from institution (for overseas education, full version of WES or ICES assessment report is required in lieu of original transcript)

Transfer of Registration

An individual registered as a Technologist or Technician in another province may apply for transfer of their certification under the terms of the Canada Free Trade Agreement. To initiate the process, please:

  1. Complete Sections A to C of the Interprovincial Transfer Application in full
  2. Follow the instruction to submit application online

Internationally Trained Professionals

Internationally trained professionals that have equivalent education and work experience in other countries may be granted Trainee registration if they have not achieved required work experience in Canada. There will be a separate application process for Trainee.

Student Registrant Application

If you are a full-time student enrolled in a technology program at a post-secondary institution, you may apply as a Student Registrant.

More Information

Please contact registration staff for further assistance:

Sneha Khilwani, Coordinator, Registrations – for AScT, CTech and PTech/RTMgr
Tel: (604) 585-2788 ext. 233

Baljinder Kullar, Coordinator, Registrations – for ROWP, CSO, RCSO, CPWI, RPWT and RULT
Tel: (604) 585-2788 ext. 258

Erin Macedo, Coordinator, Registrations – for RFPT, CPI/CHI, RBD/CRD, RSIS, and RSD/CSD
Tel: (604) 585-2788 ext. 247