Requirements for ASTTBC certification include a combination of academic qualifications and progressive technical experience, as well as passing a professional practice and ethics exam. Get familiar with our application process and follow our frequently visited links below.

Get familiar with our classes of registrants and categories of registration. Registrants are granted admission, enrolment or reinstatement in a particular class within a category.

See a complete list of exams as itemized in Schedule B of the ASTTBC Bylaws. Writing exams is a requirement of our registration process allowing you to achieve respective designations.

See a complete list of application fees and annual dues as itemized in Schedule C of the ASTTBC Bylaws. ASTTBC applicants/registrants are required to pay fees to maintain their registrations.

Review qualifications and requirements to become a Student Registrant at ASTTBC, enrolled in an approved education program to become a technologist or technician.

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Operating under the Professional Governance Act by the OSPG, ASTTBC protects the public by ensuring that technologists, technicians, and technical specialists practise safely, competently, and ethically.