About International Professionals

Internationally Trained Professionals

ASTTBC is a self-governing professional association of over 10,000 applied science and engineering technologists and technicians. Many of the ASTTBC-registered Technology Professionals were educated in Canada and many others acquired their primary technology education in another country.

ITP_CANADA_BCInternationally Trained Professionals (ITP) represent a major portion of the British Columbia work force and this trend will continue into the future. To assist ITPs as they consider relocating to Canada and then upon arrival, ASTTBC has developed a framework of services designed to assist ITPs make a quick and sustained transition to the BC workforce and build a meaningful and rewarding career as a Technologist or Technician.

The ITTP-British Columbia web site was created through the generous support of the BC Government and the hard work and dedication of ASTTBC staff and members who volunteered their time in providing input to the overall ITP program.

We trust you find the site helpful and we hope you find the many services useful as you settle in British Columbia. We welcome your feedback on how we might improve this site and make the many services we provide more valuable. Please send your comments to techinfo@asttbc.org or visit www.ittpbc.com/