Mission Statement


Regulation of Technology Professionals that safeguards the public through leadership and excellence.


We serve the public by contributing to a safe, sustainable society and environment by regulating Technology Professionals.  We accomplish this through supporting the competent, safe, and ethical practice of applied science technology in British Columbia.



We uphold a foundation of high standards, ethics and competence to ensure accountability of our registrants.


We are invested in our responsibility to Government and British Columbians.


We are honest, dedicated, ethical and fair by doing the right thing every time, for the protection of the public.


We embrace the principles of equity, diversity, inclusion, cultural safety and humility.


  1. Professional Legislation & Regulation:  Self-governing professional legislation and regulation that protects the public interest.
  2. Right to Practice & Qualified Professionals:  Full utilization of qualifications within scope of the Technology Professionals’ education, training, competencies and experience.
  3. Professional Recognition:  Consistent and universal recognition of Technology Professionals by employers, governments, other professionals and regulatory bodies.
  4. Registrant Services:  Providing professional standards and regulation for certification, accreditation, ethics and accountability to the public.
  5. Governance:  Sustained excellence in governance and management of the organization.