Mission Statement


Technology Professionals safeguarding the public through leadership and regulatory excellence.


To serve the public by regulating and supporting Technology Professionals’ commitment to a safe, healthy, and sustainable society and environment.


  • Professionalism – We champion a foundation of high standards of practice and ethical conduct to enhance the credibility and accountability of ASTTBC’s registrants.
  • Integrity – We are honest, dedicated, ethical and fair by doing the right thing every time, for the protection of the public.
  • Innovation – We recognize the needs of the future and embrace change.
  • Passion – We are invested and committed to engage and inspire others.


  1. Professional Legislation & Regulation:  Self-governing professional legislation and regulation that protects the public interest.
  2. Right to Practice & Qualified Professionals:  Full utilization of qualifications within scope of the Technology Professionals’ education, training, competencies and experience.
  3. Professional Recognition:  Consistent and universal recognition of Technology Professionals by employers, governments, other professionals and regulatory bodies.
  4. Registrant Services:  Providing professional standards and regulation for certification, accreditation, ethics and accountability to the public.
  5. Governance:  Sustained excellence in governance and management of the organization.