At a Glance

ASTTBC is a regulatory organization that serves to maintain, improve and increase the knowledge, ability and competence of technologists and technicians; to regulate the standards of training and practice of, and for, its registrants, and to protect the interests of the public.

The Professional Governance Act (PGA) provides the professional regulation of technologists and technicians. ASTTBC registration requires that registrants adhere to a Code of Ethics, provides a disciplinary mechanism to deal with breaches of the Code, and protects the titles Applied Science Technologist and Certified Technician and the designations AScT and CTech.

ASTTBC registrants operate in seventeen disciplines and ten special certifications in the broad field of applied science. Requirements for ASTTBC certification include a combination of academic qualifications and progressive technical experience, as well as passing a professional practice and ethics exam. Students and recent program graduates and associates can also apply for an ASTTBC membership.

ASTTBC provides its registrants with benefits such as:
·       employment search assistance
·       career development and training opportunities
·       professional liability coverage
·       registrant recognition programs
·       discounts on products and services

ASTTBC promotes STEM education and awareness through our ASTTBC Foundation, outreach activities and event participation.