TechGREEN Award 2016

Presented to Dr. Joe Mazza, Founder & Benjamin Lightburn, President, Mazza Innovation

“The science of healthy and clean plant extracts is the core of Mazza Innovation. Mazza Innovation specializes in extracting bioactive compounds for natural foods, supplements and beauty products. Bioactive compounds are a type of chemical found in plants and certain foods. Bioactive compounds, such as lycopene and tannins, have actions in the body that promote good health.

Dr. Mazza has pioneered the PhtyoClean technology. The PhytoClean Method is a water-based extraction process that purifies and concentrates bioactives. This extraction process provides better yields and purities than industrial solvents.

Dr. Joe Mazza is a world-renowned food scientist. He and his colleagues are considered to be innovators in high-value plant bioactive extraction. Ben Lightburn joined Mazza Innovation in 2014 and has since been promoted to President.”