Advanced Technology Award

To acknowledge advancements in technology and the contributions made by individuals, both members and non-members, business and industry, and government to promote pioneer efforts in technology and to recognize the application and adaptation of advanced technology to new uses.

  • 2004: Fred Carey, AScT
  • 2005: Dale Churchill, AScT
  • 2006: None
  • 2007: Grant Lachmuth, AScT
  • 2008: Stephen Ibaraki
  • 2009: Nancy Paris, PEng
  • 2010: Dr. Norman Streat;  SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger;  Michael Kennedy
  • 2011: Enterprise Steel Fabricators Ltd.
  • 2012: Ian Bowman, AScT;  HSBC Bank Canada
  • 2013: Eric Amundson, AScT;  Nigel Bennett, AScT
  • 2014: Edward Paul, AScT;  Michael Sullivan, CTech
  • 2015:  Premier Tech Aqua (Andy McKinlay);  Rolgear (Robert Suter)
  • 2016:  Philip Rankine, AScT
  • 2017:  Reginald Mueller, AScT
  • 2018:  Edwin Lange, AScT, PTech;  Bernard Tung, AScT
  • 2019:   David Leversage, PEng

ASTTBC Leadership Award – NEW

  • 2019:  TBD

ASTTBC Volunteer of the Year – NEW

  • 2019:  Geoff Sale, AScT

Certificate of Appreciation

To show appreciation to individuals, both members and non-members for their support of the Association and its purposes.

  • 2004: John Watson, PEng; Gillian Pichler, PEng; Jeff Beddoes, BCLS
  • 2005: Don Bealle, AScT
  • 2006: Jerry Huot, CArb
  • 2007: John Rowse, BAA, CPHIC, MA; Keith Tudor, ATE; JoAnne Niwranski
  • 2008: Tom Roemer, MSc, EdD; Uwe Naumann, AScT, CPI
  • 2009: Dennis Chapman; Sean Wiens, CHI (P)
  • 2010: Robert Barrett, FPT; Richard Nygren
  • 2011: Gordon Stewart
  • 2012: Russell Cass, CHI; Kenn Waller, AScT, RSIS;  Derek Doyle, PEng;  Gillian Pichler, PEng;  Kootenay Association for Science & Technology (KAST)
  • 2013: Douglas MacLeod;  Allan Coyle
  • 2014: Paul Dangerfield, BSc, MBA;  Bruce Jackson
  • 2015: Paula Rossetti;  Hodgson King & Marble Ltd.
  • 2016: Don Delcourt, AScT;  Kevin Harrison, AScT, CHI, RRF(L);  Jim Willson, CTech, RBD
  • 2017:  None
  • 2018:  Terry Suen, BTech
  • 2019:  TBD

Honorary Membership

To honor those individuals who are not members of ASTTBC, but who are highly esteemed in their field and/or have demonstrated exceptionally meritorious service to the Association.

  • 2004: Larry Barker, RFPT; Andrew Hay, PhD, PEng
  • 2005: George Hunter; Greg Miller, LLB, PEng; Rejean Touchette, TP
  • 2006: George Humphrey, BArch; Verne Sundstrom ATE, RPF, Harry Diemer; Jerry Huot, CArb
  • 2007: Brian Canfield; Gordon Gore
  • 2008: John Reynolds, MP; MJ Whitemarsh
  • 2009: Ken Cameron; Dr. Donald Rix; Sam Sullivan
  • 2010: Bruce Sutherland; Kerry Rudd, PEng; John Furlong
  • 2011: Trevor Williams, PEng;  Sid Siddiqui, PEng
  • 2012: Chris Newcomb, PEng;  Ralph Sultan, PEng, MBA, PhD
  • 2013:  Kerry Jothen, BA, MA;  John Bowman, MA
  • 2014: George Fletcher, CET;  Bryan Tisdall, MSc, MBA;  Rob Campbell, PEng
  • 2015: Jack Davidson;  Phil Hochstein;  Manley McLachlan
  • 2016:  Kathy Kinloch
  • 2017:  Allan Bruce;  Roslyn Kunin, PhD;  Allan Russell, PEng;
  • 2018:  None
  • 2019:  TBD

Life Membership

To honor Association members who have demonstrated exceptionally meritorious service to the Association.

  • 2004:  Martin Dunsmuir, AScT; Doug Deans; Bill MacPherson AScT; Henry Murphy, AScT
  • 2005:  Gordon Blue, CTech; Bill Belsey, AScT
  • 2006:  Tim Murphy, AScT, MBA
  • 2007:  Keith Switzer, AScT
  • 2008:  None
  • 2009:  Darrin Heisler, AScT;  Joseph Cave, CTech
  • 2010:  None
  • 2011:  Doug Carter, CTech; Reginal Barnett, AScT; John Nellist, AScT
  • 2012:  None
  • 2013:  None
  • 2014:  None
  • 2015:  Dave Rutherford, AScT, BCLS, CLS
  • 2016:  Martin Mac Gregor, AScT, CPI
  • 2017:  John Leech, AScT, CAE;  Keith Trulson, AScT, EngL
  • 2018:  None
  • 2019:  Trent Reid, CTech

Peter Allan AScT Leadership Award (no longer awarded)

To honor a member of ASTTBC who has demonstrated exceptional leadership within the Association or local community by promoting careers in technology.

  • 2004: Hugh Dobbie, AScT, RSD, MBA
  • 2006: Henry Murphy, AScT
  • 2007: None
  • 2008: None
  • 2009: Marsh Heinekey, AScT
  • 2010: Marv Woolley, AScT
  • 2011: Dan Mooney, AScT, CPWI 1
  • 2012: None
  • 2013: Bill MacPherson, AScT
  • 2014: None
  • 2015: Dave Rutherford, AScT, BCLS, CLS
  • 2016: None
  • 2017:  None
  • 2018:  None
  • 2019:  Discontinued

Professional Achievement

To recognize an ASTTBC member who has distinguished themselves in his/her field of technology or has made a substantial contribution to the well-being of the community.

  • 2004: Harry Watson, CTech
  • 2005: Michael Donnelly, AScT; Mike Tarr, AScT
  • 2006: Paul LaBranche, AScT; Kevin Witzke, AScT
  • 2007: Richard Margetson, AScT, CPWI
  • 2008: Trevor Hutton, AScT; Mike Lambert, CTech; Luke McDonald, AScT; Edgardo Tapia, AScT
  • 2009: Peter Link, CTech, CPI; Simon Chu, AScT
  • 2010: Stephen Bolan, AScT, MEd; Frank Rizzardo, AScT; Gordon Verrall, AScT; Kevin Simoes, RBD: Frank Blues, AScT; Howard Peng, AScT, PEng; Kelly Wickham, AScT
  • 2011: Ron Elliott, AScT;  Dale Black, AScT;  Brian Benson, AScT; Ian Emery, AScT, RFT;  Grant Lachmuth, AScT, RTMgr;  Paul Wellington, AScT
  • 2012: Mike Killacky, CTech;  Dawn McGrath, ROWP;  Jim Willson, CTech, RBD;  Bob Redden, AScT, RPBio
  • 2013: David Killey, RFPT, EngL;  Gerry Stevens, AScT
  • 2014: Ken Lukawesky, AScT;  John Murnane, AScT
  • 2015: Rob Bedard, AScT, CPWI3;  James Martens, AScT, CPWI3;  Kevin Ramsay, AScT, RTMgr
  • 2016: Mike Battistel, AScT;  Brian Reardon, AScT
  • 2017:  Don Freschi, AScT;  Mark McDonald, AScT;  Robert Parkinson, CTech
  • 2018:  Jason Paquette, AScT
  • 2019:  Barry Brooks, PEng, AScT, CHI, RRFAL; Janaka Rathnayaka, AScT (P)

R. Littledale Memorial (no longer awarded)

To recognize an outstanding member who has made a substantial contribution to the well-being of the Association as recognized by their peers.

  • 2004:  None
  • 2005:  None
  • 2006:  Hugh Dobbie, AScT, RSD, MBA
  • 2007:  None
  • 2008:  Richard Mayer, AScT
  • 2009:  Martin Dunsmuir, AScT
  • 2010:  None
  • 2011:  None
  • 2012:  None
  • 2013:  None
  • 2014:  Marv Woolley, AScT
  • 2015:  None
  • 2016:  Kenneth Lee, AScT
  • 2017:  None
  • 2018:  None
  • 2019:  Discontinued

Service Award

To recognize members for their participation in the Association Committees/Boards etc.

  • 2004:  Dave Robertson, ATE; Tim Giebrecht, ATE, Bob Heffelfinger, AScT, RBD; Peter Link, CTech, CPI, CRA
  • 2005:  Verne Sundstrom, RPF, ATE; Don Rorison, RFT, ATE; Ron Green, AScT; Geoff Sale, AScT; Fred Grimm, AScT
  • 2006:  Carrado Bernardi, AScT; Paul Walsh, CTech, CPI, Colin Dix, AScT; Tony Walters, CTech, RSIS; Carmi Simpson, AScT, Dan Keeler, AScT; Shawn Boven, AScT; Peter Link, CTech, CRA, CPI; Lloyd Lucas, AScT, CPI; Martin Dunsmuir, AScT; Bill Howe, AScT
  • 2007: None
  • 2008: Ariel Estrada, AScT; Michelle Nakano, AScT; Janet Humphrey, AScT; Bruce Stevens, AScT; Ken Lee, AScT; Jim Dickey, CTech
  • 2009: Janet Scott, AScT; Nancy Fowler, AScT; John McNeill CTech, CHRP; Frank Hay, ROWP
  • 2010: Martin Dunsmuir, AScT; Prakash Joshi, AScT, EngL; Dan Mooney, AScT, CPWI 1; Ross Taylor, AScT, ROWP
  • 2011: Ken McNames, CTech, CPI; Jan van Huigenbos, CHI; Rick Cox
  • 2012: Jim Andersen, ROWP; John Murphy; Jim Blake, MBA, CA
  • 2013: Clarissa Brennan, AScT, RTMgr;  Bob Prasad, AScT RTMgr;  Barry Brooks, AScT, CHI, RRFA (L), PEng;  Robert Miller, CSO
  • 2014: Pete Jackson, CTech;  Robert Barrett, RFPT
  • 2015:  Toni-Lynn Card, AScT;  Richard Cave, AScT;  Grant Loyer, AScT, CMC
  • 2016: Dmitri Gulak, AScT, PQS, MRICS;  Dave Newton
  • 2017: Russell Dobie, AScT, PMP;  Kai Hui, AScT;  Mike Iviney, AScT;  KK Yuen, CTech, CHI; Bob Romanko, AScT, CHI, RRFA(L)
  • 2018:   Joe Collins, CSO;  Sean Collins, PEng, MBA;   Kevin Harrison, AScT, CHI, RRFA(L);  Sam Livingstone, CSO;  Gord Morrison;  William Scudamore, AScT
  • 2019:   TBD

Special Award

To provide ASTTBC with the opportunity to present awards for special achievement that does not fall within the other categories.

Employer Award For Career Enhancement and Success of Technology Professionals

To recognize and honour an employer for creating a work environment that accommodates the career success of technology professionals.

  • 2007:  Morrison Hershfield Ltd.
  • 2008:  Dayton & Knight Ltd.
  • 2009:  None
  • 2010:  None
  • 2011:  None
  • 2012:  FORTIS BC
  • 2013:  Urban Systems Ltd.;  TELUS
  • 2014:  Herold Engineering;  District of West Kelowna
  • 2015:  Omega Engineering (Tim Dunne);  101 Industries (Mark Harnadek)
  • 2016:  CCMET Group (Harry Watson, CTech);  Primary Eng & Construction (Kevin Jones, PEng)
  • 2017:  Allnorth Consultants Ltd.
  • 2018:  Associated Engineering
  • 2019:  RF Binnie & Associates

Professional Leadership Award For Women in Technology

To honour a woman who is an ASTTBC member, has distinguished herself in her field of technology and has demonstrated leadership within the Association or local community by serving as a role model and promoting careers in technology.

  • 2007:  Dena Vergamini, CTech; Crystal Wegner, AScT, CCCA
  • 2008:  Corinne Dalgas, AScT
  • 2009:  Sarah Campden, CTech
  • 2010:  None
  • 2011:  Heather Andreychuk, AScT
  • 2012:  Clarissa Brennan, AScT, RTMgr
  • 2013:  Pam Chilton, AScT, CRD;  Tanya Steele, CSO
  • 2014:  None
  • 2015:  Rebecca Donnell, AScT
  • 2016:  Jordana Collison, AScT, PMP
  • 2017:  Sasha Bird, AScT;  Dawn McGrath, AScT, ROWP
  • 2018:  Shannon Foster, AScT
  • 2019:  Riza Castro, CTech, CSO (P)

Top in Technology

To recognize a Member of ASTTBC who represents a model technology professional.

  • 2009: Caron Adderley, GradTech; Brian Aikens, AScT; Michelle Bast, AScT; Richard Cave, AScT; Tim Duerden, AScT; Nancy Fowler, AScT; Andrew Hadfield, AScT; Meagan Herrington, GradTech; Anders Malpass, AScT; Grant Lachmuth, AScT; Randy Murray, AScT; Krister Naab, AScT; Pej Namshirin, AScT; Patti Nitsch, CTech; Wayne Nowlan, CTech; Bob Prasad, CTech; Bruce Toms, AScT; Kerri Trace, AScT
  • 2010: Thomas Abbuhl, AScT; Bill Billups, AScT; Tina Bos, AScT; Paul Butterfield, AScT; Jeff Bycraft, AScT; Ken Christian, AScT; Joel Dela Cruz, AScT; Jason Dorey, AScT; Keith Fransson, AScT; Brian Gaucher, AScT; Michael Gee; Shawn Giesbrecht, AScT; Peter Hoonjan, AScT; Harold Kindopp, ROWP; Lyle Killough, AScT; Deon Kinnee, ROWP; Tony Khoie, AScT; Herman Lee; Ozzie Lepore, CTech; Ken Mayo, CHI; Keith Meldrum, AScT; Jim Nicholson, CSO; Paul O’Neill, AScT; Joseph Petilla; Gina Purchase, AScT; Ron Stefik, AScT; Kyle Teschke, GradTech; Scott Tilley, AScT
  • 2011: Chris Adams, AScT; Tim Binnema, AScT; Rick Boates, AScT; Larry Brown, CTech; Fred Carey, AScT; Doug Carter, CTech; Wayne Chernoff, AScT; Larry Croome, AScT; Bronwyn Crowder, GradTech; Don Delcourt, AScT; Cal Faminow, CTech; Don Freschi, AScT; Rampaul Dulay, AScT; Larry Dyck, AScT; Cindy Harmel, AScT; Cory Honeyman, GradTech; Rick Hodgson, CTech; Steve Holroyd, CTech; Richard Mayer, AScT; Ron Mickel, AScT; Henry Murphy, AScT; Robert Niewenhuizen, AScT; Don Norrish, AScT; Eddie Paul, AScT; Arturo Senadjan; AScT; Srecko Skoro, AScT; Bruce Stevenson, AScT; Michael Sullivan, CTech; Pete Sabo, AScT;  Dean Zimmer, AScT
  • 2012: Steven Banfield, CTech, CPI; Shawn Boven, AScT; Sarah Campden, CTech; Patrick Cochrane, AScT; Drew Eyre, AScT; Larry Gardner, AScT, EngL; Michael Giroux, AScT, RBD; Marion Houlbrook, AScT; Stephen Juch, AScT; Todd Letourneau, AScT, RSIS; Grant Loyer, AScT; James Martens, AScT, CPWI 3; Jamie Nelson, AScT, RSD; Larry Nelson, AScT; Cheibany Ould Elemine, AScT (P); Christine Pimpao, CTech; John Rosenberg, AScT; Brent Schofield, CTech, ROWP; Cliff Shackelly, AScT; Robert Stitt, AScT; Brad Walton, AScT, RFPT; William Wedel, AScT, RTMgr; Christopher Wells, AScT, RTMgr; John Wilson, AScT; Brian Wong, CTech, RSD
  • 2013: Mark Liudzius, AScT;  Ken Lee, AScT;  Harry Watson, CTech;  Randy Runzer, AScT;  Henry Yamauchi, AScT;  Alan Maddock, RFPT;  Shannon Anderson, AScT;  Wayne Hunken, CTech;  Randy Meszaros, AScT;  Larry Betuzzi, AScT, PEng
  • 2014: None
  • 2015: Avtar Bhatti, AScT; Mario de Rezendes, CTech; Nino Maletta, AScT; Marija Soklic, AScT; Mark Demecha, AScT; Bruce Joiner, AScT; Toby Seward, AScT; Alan Maddock, RFPT; Ron Doucette, AScT; Deborah Sansome, CTech; Mark Burleigh, AScT, RTMgr; Doug Brough, AScT; Rick Cammidge, AScT; David Peet, AScT
  • 2016: None
  • 2017: Dino Aracki, AScT;  Serena Fuoco, AScT;  Mindy Marshall, CTech;  Grant Rodgers, AScT;  Jason Oliver, CTech;  Kristy Brown, CTech;  Scott McLaren, AScT
  • 2018:  Lee Marcotte, RFPT;  Terry Bergen, CTech;  Dave Bukovec, AScT;  Mark Dhillon, AScT, PEng
  • 2019:  TBD


To recognize an Individual/Member of ASTTBC, Corporation or Organization who takes a lead role in environmental initiatives.

  • 2010: West Coast Helicopters (Corporation);  Okanagan College (Organization);  Paul LaBranche, AScT (Individual)
    (Honourable Mention): Coast Mountain Bus Company; BC Housing Management Commission; Abbotsford/Mission Water & Sewer Commission (AMWSC); Toby Barazzuol; Peter Rosen; Perry Feser, AScT
  • 2011: Coast Tsimshian Resources (Corporation);  BC Construction Association (Organization);  Glen Garrick, MBA (Individual);  Rupert Kirk, AScT (Individual)
  • 2012: United Lock Block Ltd. (Corporation);  City of Nanaimo (Organization);  Alex Zimmerman, AScT (Individual)
  • 2013: McCue Environmental Contracting (Corporation);  City of Surrey (Organization);  Ken Baxter, CTech (Individual)
  • 2014:  Coast Mountain Bus Company (Corporation);  Connie Linder (Individual)
  • 2015:  TBF Environmental (Company)
  • 2016:  Mazza Innovation/Dr. Joe Mazza (Company)
  • 2017:  Bullfrog Power (Company)
  • 2018:  Vancouver Island University
  • 2019:  Inventys