Pre-Budget Submission to BC Gov Finance Committee

On October 11th, ASTTBC CEO Theresa McCurry presented to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services, requesting attention in three areas:

  1. Support ASTTBC’s efforts in addressing the technology skills shortage by:
  • Ensuring that post-secondary institutions focus on one- and two-year engineering technician and technologist programs.
  • Supporting internationally trained technologist and new graduates in achieving a professional designation
  • Assisting ASTTBC’s campaign to promote the training and employment of people with diverse abilities in technology and engineering professions.
  1. Enhance math, science and reading skills for First Nations children who are home-schooled by supporting the creation of On Reserve virtual classrooms staffed with an Education Assistant. This will ensure that home-schooled students achieve the prerequisite level of skills are achieved to succeed in secondary school.

3. Create legislation requiring persons engaged in ground disturbance to seek and identify underground utilities prior to commencing action to protect public and worker safety.

Read the full presentation here.