ASTTBC CEO Shares Concern Over PR Review

On June 28, 2018, the BC Government released the Professional Reliance Review report for the natural resources sector. Throughout the month of July, ASTTBC and the four other Professional Association representatives have met with Government for seven separate four-hour meetings, to discuss the first two recommendations in the report, which Government has committed to acting on immediately.


As a reminder, recommendation one is to establish an Office of Regulation and Oversight. Recommendation two is the creation of umbrella legislation that will standardize key elements of professional governance.


While we are bound by confidentiality about the exact content covered in the meetings with the Government, what I can tell you is that ASTTBC is deeply concerned about the process and how these meetings are progressing.  We remain committed to trying to work with Government to find solutions that enhance the profession and governance of the regulators. 


I want to clarify one item that was shared previously.  While government told us previously that our members will be able to provide feedback, we have now been told that this is not feasible.  If you do want to provide feedback to the Government, please let me know.


When we are able we will provide more information, we will promptly notify you


Many thanks in advance for your support and your patience,



Theresa McCurry, BSc, PMP

Chief Executive Officer