BC Professional Reliance Review Results

In 2017 the BC Government began a Professional Reliance Review (PRTR) announced by the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, George Heyman. This initiative is a ‘first of its kind’ in BC for many decades and will most certainly lead to changes in the oversight of professional associations and consideration of which of the professionals should be designated as a Qualified Professional (QP). The results of the Review were released at 2:30pm on the Engagebc website. You can read the full report and recommendations here.

ASTTBC viewed this as a great opportunity to re-set the professional reliance model based on an updated framework that will be more comprehensive, inclusive, open and transparent and better serve the public interest. ASTTBC dedicated significant ASTTBC resources to support the Review and is looking to work collaboratively with Government to maintain and enhance the current results-based regulatory model that confidently relies on qualified professionals.

For more information on the Professional Reliance Review and ASTTBC’s position, please review the FAQ sheet.

To access ASTTBC’s Media Statement on the Professional Reliance Review Report, please click here