ASTTBC-BD Receives Favorable Response

ASTTBC-Building Designers received a positive response from the building officials at this year’s annual BOABC conference in Kelowna. Many building inspectors, who spent time stopping by the ASTTBC’s booth at the event, felt encouraged and were supportive of ASTTBC-BD’s efforts to ensure that all individuals practicing building design in the province are registered and certified. Many members stressed that they support BD’s and see them as representing a valuable alternative to the services of registered architects when it comes to designing Part 9 buildings. Tony Giroux, AScT, RBD, BD Director, and Joe Rommel, AScT, CRD, BD Chair, received solid applause after delivering a formal presentation to the entire conference about how BD’s can assist and support building officials to ensure a more streamlined permit processes. Joe Rommel, AScT, CRD met with Don Pedde, Senior Codes Administrator, BC Housing, to discuss professional recognition for ASTTBC-Building Designers.

Photo (left to right): R.(Bob) S. Miller CRD, Director, ASTTBC-BD Executive, Alan MacLeod, CTech, CRD, Secretary/Treasurer, ASTTBC-BD Executive & BOABC conference attendee