ASTTBC Enhances Employer Liaison Program – View NEW Video!

ASTTBC is launching an enhanced Employer Liaison Program (ELP) with the release of a new video that showcases several employers talking about the benefits of professional certification and regulation by ASTTBC. The video profiles three employers very supportive of ASTTBC professional certification. Watch the video HERE

In addition to the new video, ASTTBC has enhanced our TechJOBS software to add search capacity and greater self-management by employers who post to the site. “In January we posted 50 career opportunities, the highest for any one month since the program was launched 3 years ago,” said Karen Taylor, Manager, Member Services &  Operations. “TechJOBS is a hit with employers who, with their listing at a very modest fee, reach over 10,000 highly qualified  technology professionals.” ASTTBC will continue to provide personal support to employers as the system transitions to greater user control.

Another NEW service that will be part of the enhanced ELP is a TechEMPLOYER web site that will provide employers the opportunity to post their corporate profile and showcase their field of work and employee mix. A separate announcement will be made on this new service.

Jacqueline de Raadt, Manager, Executive Initiatives, who is leading the enhanced ELP, reports positive results in meetings with employers as ASTTBC seeks to garner a more pro-active support for ASTTBC certification. Jacqueline and other staff will meet with employers over the coming months with a request for a new partnership with ASTTBC.

CEO John Leech indicated that the Association’s largely un-written agreement with employers is that the Association will promote and support technology education and careers and help inform British Columbians of all ages and newcomers about the great career opportunities in engineering and applied science technology. “ASTTBC has been working hard over decades to make sure BC has a steady and reliable stream of new technology professionals to meet the high demand. Our work is appreciated by employers, who benefit in the long run by having qualified tech workers to meet their needs.” In recent years studies and on-the-ground experience indicates there is a much greater need for techs than is currently being supplied. “The enhanced ELP will ensure a greater partnership between employers and ASTTBC as we jointly strive for a sustainable supply of technology professionals for the BC job market.”