FaceTime Technology Helps ASTTBC meet Minister Farnworth; Fire Safety a Key Issue

FaceTime came into play in a meeting between ASTTBC and Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General Mike Farnworth and MLA Jennifer Rice… a great use of technology that allowed ASTTBC Manager Barry Brooks to join ASTTBC CEO John Leech in the discussion. Barry is seen here on the iPad held by Minister and John. ASTTBC was in Victoria to review with Minister and Jennifer Rice, Parliamentary Secretary for Emergency Preparedness, the role of ASTTBC in protecting public health and safety, notably ASTTBC certification of fire protection technicians. ASTTBC reporters that there are about 950 Registered Fire Protection Technicians and 23 Municipalities with a Bylaw requiring ASTTBC certification. ASTTBC is working with the BC Government to enhance professional reliance in fire safety. ASTTBC also spoke to the Association’s role in house and property inspection, looking for possible changes that would better serve the public interest and enhance professional reliance. CEO John Leech updated the Minister on ASTTBC’s tie to the BC Government’s Professional Reliance Review being leg by Minister George Heyman (Environment) and ASTTBC’s efforts to introduce Professional Technologist (PTech) in BC similar to the Alberta model. Minister Farnworth received from John an ASTTBC feather carved by Salish artist Len McKay.