ASTTBC President in ’74 hired CEO John Leech. Two Meet Again for ‘chin wag’

How time flies! Doug Duncan, AScT and his wife Marie graciously welcomed ASTTBC CEO John Leech into their home to re-connect and talk about ‘old times’. Doug was President of the Association when the Council dug deep, doubled the annual dues and took the gamble in January 1974 of hiring their first full-time chief staff. The two hardly look a day older… well, maybe a bit.
“It was such a delight seeing John again and to reminisce about earlier days in the life of ASTTBC,” said Doug. “The Council of the day took a big gamble as funds were limited. But it was the right thing to do and certainly paid off.” John and Doug talked about how we might best capture some of the history of the Association. John noted the interest of then Council Secretary Allan Cheek who appeared at the ASTTBC office a few years ago with documents from the early days. John and Doug talked about shooting a new video to capture a few key messages about the early days of ASTTBC. Pioneers like Doug Duncan helped build the foundation for ASTTBC, now one of BC’s larger and highly regarded professional associations.