Scott Tilley, AScT Dubbed “Space Sleuth” After NASA Find

Provincial and National media was a “all buzz” last week as Scott Tilley, AScT, a 47-year-old electrical technologist and amateur astronomer made a discovery that has gained the attention of NASA. Scott sneaks time away from his family when he can to search for spy satellites by using radio frequency signals and a contraption of remote control cameras and antennas on the roof of his Roberts Creek home on the Sunshine Coast.

A signal led him to discover a satellite called IMAGE, or Imager for Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration. NASA launched the science probe in 2000 to image the Earth’s magnetosphere and produce images of plasma populations. But contact with the probe was lost in 2005 and the mission was abandoned in 2007.

“Everybody thought it was dead,” explains Tilley. “It was no longer talking anymore and it was just a piece of space junk.”

To read the full story, as reported by CTV News here.