ASTTBC Member Company Profile: Hydrologica Environmental Consulting Ltd.

At Hydrologica, we are passionate about partnering with companies to manage their water resource needs. We consult on all phases of projects, from feasibility planning and project design, to project development and operations, and we specialize in collecting environmental data such as water level and water temperature, air temperature, precipitation, relative humidity, barometric pressure, snow depth, snow- water equivalent, wind speed, and wind direction. Additionally, we provide comprehensive data management, as well as ongoing consulting and training services.

We serve a wide variety of industry sectors including: agriculture, forestry, mining, mineral exploration, oil & gas, transportation, independent power producers (IPPs), private development, and public infrastructure.

Services we provide include:

  • Site selection and reconnaissance
  • System selection and integration, with options from various instrumentation manufacturers and vendors (FTS, Campbell Scientific, Sutron, Unidata, and many more)
  • Real-time telemetry options (satellite, cellular, and radio) and monitoring
  • Station installation, monitoring, and maintenance
  • Stream flow (discharge) measurements using mechanical, dilution, and acoustical methods
  • Sediment sampling and turbidity monitoring
  • Water quality sampling (surface and groundwater)
  • Lake and reservoir bathymetric surveys
  • Snow surveys and automated snow pillow/scales for determining snow-water equivalent
  • Data processing, validation, and archiving
  • Data QA/QC (quality assurance and quality control)
  • Automated notifications
  • Customized data summary reports
  • Cloud based access to data
  • Integration with client systems
  • Stage-discharge rating curve development
  • Analysis of existing monitoring programs, data, and reports
  • Classroom and field training of in-house technicians
  • Technical support for in-house technicians
  • Development for in-house monitoring programs