Congrats to 2017 Camosun Mechanical Eng Project Showcase Students!

ASTTBC was pleased to sponsor the 2017 Mechanical Engineering Project Showcase. This special one-day event took place at Camosun’s Interurban Campus on August 18 in the new Centre for Trades Education and Innovation (CTEI).

“This is the capstone event for our graduating students,” says Ross Lyle, Chair of Camosun’s Mechanical Engineering Technology program. “Essentially, they start with an idea, work together as a team to create a conceptual solution, then develop that concept into a virtual working prototype. By the end of term, they have produced a working prototype ready to demonstrate.”

This year, students took full advantage of Camosun’s new 3D printing lab, as well as an updated manual and CNC machines to create parts for their projects.

“Our instructors and lab technologists work to coach and guide the student teams, especially when challenges arise. It’s hard work, as students apply their skills to real world problems,” says Lyle. “The capstone projects are the highlight and most rewarding part of the program for our students. They get a clearer sense of what they are capable of accomplishing as technologists”.

This year’s showcase featured nine projects representing the contributions of 32 graduating students. Four of the projects were sponsored by industry, adding in an element of real-world applied research and learning.

Working in teams, the second year students designed, fabricated and tested the following projects:

Wind tunnel sensor

To design and create a lift, drag and yaw sensor that will be fitted to the wind tunnel. This includes updating the wind tunnel itself.

Induction heater

This project involves automating a heating and quenching process. The project includes an input arrangement, an induction heating coil, a water bath/spray and an output storage point. (Industry Sponsored)

Sheet-metal former

This device will automate a sheet metal cutting and forming process from a continuous feed roll of metal. The length of the cut strips will be controlled and adjustable. The cut pieces will then enter an existing forming machine. (Industry Sponsored)

Cooling vest

To design and create a vest with a built in cooling circuit which can remove excess heat from a person’s body. The design was inspired to keep mascots and actors in costumes cool for long periods of time. The vest may also be of value to athletes, hikers, military personnel, etc.

Vacuum former

To design and create a low-cost vacuum forming table, which can be used in the mechanical machine shop to form plastic shapes.

Kite air pump

A novel, compact design to manually inflate kites for kite sailing in remote areas. (Industry Sponsored)

Campus board

A specialized rock-climbing wall (for campusing: hands only climbing). The wall will be 10 ft. tall, fully collapsible and includes electronic sensors. The angle of the board can be adjusted to increase or decrease the level of difficulty. (Industry Sponsored)

2-stroke engine

To design and create a small 2-stroke gasoline engine (similar in size to a gas lawn-mower engine).


To design and create an environmentally-friendly egg incubator. This water-resistant design uses laser-cut cardboard, wooden dowels and cotton insulation (all compostable). The incubator includes a reusable electronic control system.

“The showcase gives students an opportunity to showcase what they are able to do and for the public to see what they’re capable of doing,” says Lyle. “It brings everything together in a trade show environment. Each student has a booth and demonstrates the success of their product.”


For more information about the projects and to contact any of the students:

Ross Lyle

Chair, Mechanical Engineering Technology

Camosun College