Report: BC’s Digital Technology Supercluster

British Columbia will Accelerate Canada’s Economic Growth as a Global Supercluster in Digital Technology

On June 21st, a group of BC’s technology organizations announced the release of a commissioned report: British Columbia’s Digital Technology Supercluster. The report was prepared by Deloitte, with the support of the BC Tech Association, the Research Universities’ Council of BCWavefront and the Chief Advisor of the Innovation Network, Dr. Santa Ono. The purpose of this report is to serve as a key input to the national discussion on creating world-leading superclusters and partnerships in Canada.

The report, a combination of publicly available sources and interviews with industry leaders, highlights the fundamental attributes of BC’s strengths and capabilities that position the province to become a global digital technology supercluster.

BC is home to a vibrant, diverse and successful technology-enabled economy that has been building momentum since the 1960s.

ASTTBC CEO, John Leech commented “The findings in this report are not surprising, they confirm what we already know. Technology Professionals and their organizations have contributed significantly to the growth of our economy, our environment, and our communities – and they are also our future. It is the duty of ASTTBC to continue to develop, support and accredit technologists, technicians and technical specialists as the backbone of our tech industry.”

A digital technology supercluster has the potential to bolster the collaboration between industry, academic, and public-sector organizations. This will create a stronger Canadian innovation ecosystem, increase industry-led research and development, enhance competitive advantage in Canada’s core industries and expand exports and international business opportunities through BC’s strong connections to Asia, Cascadia and the US West Coast.

To read the full report, please click here.