#ThanksThursday – An Open Letter from Bill Billups, AScT

At ASTTBC, we consider ourselves part of a family. Not just our staff and Council team, but the 10,000+ members that we serve. From the frontline to registrations and everything in between, we truly strive to make each encounter meaningful and memorable because we care, about you as an individual and as a certified professional.

We have recently received a piece of feedback from one of our 40-year Members, Bill Billups, AScT that is important to share. It goes like this:

“As I walked to the front of the Sheraton Hotel in Surrey I contemplated why I had chosen to drive all the way down to the coast from the Okanagan to receive my 40-year service award when you could have simply mailed it to me.

When I was crossing the lobby into the foyer of the conference area walking past your new “Building BC’s Future” banner I was stopped cold in my tracks. You have no idea what that moment meant to me, seeing my image on that banner. I went from “whatever” to “wait a minute” to “what the heck” to “that’s cool” to “WOW” to “a deep surge of pride” to “joy” in a heartbeat! Without knowing it you have reach out and showed me you care. You have in this one gesture shown me why I should be proud to be a member of this great association we call ASTTBC and I am! In my tech profile I had said I was proud to be an applied science technologist well this trumps that in spades.

From the bottom of my soul thank you for choosing to do me such a great honour. That moment will forever be etched in my mind and I am eternally grateful to those that made this happen. You Rock!”

ASTTBC is always seeking feedback from Members, strategic partners and friends. Please send to info@asttbc.org.