The Mayor of Kelowna and ASTTBC CEO Joust with ASTTBC Skewers!

Fun and games between Mayor Colin Basran (left) and ASTTBC CEO John Leech had an audience – ASTTBC Council member Jeff Collins, AScT (left) and Regional Manager and Manager, CSO, Bruce Stevens, AScT. The ASTTBC ‘court’ bequeathed an ASTTBC BBQ fork set to the Mayor with the warning that any cooking incidents or under-cooked dogs causing stomach issues is the sole responsibility of the Mayor with no liability accruing to ASTTBC…:) The ASTTBC reps updated the Mayor on recent developments with ASTTBC notably the Engineers, Geoscientists, Technologists and Technicians Labour Market report, importance of technology to the Okanagan economy, the implementation of PTech and a special project to develop mobile STEM awareness centres using cargo containers. The Mayor was, as usual, keenly interested in ASTTBC’s work and expressed general support for the concept of mobile career units. Jeff Collins is leading the charge on the proposed development of the mobile units. Stay tuned for updates on this unique initiative.