Kamloops media shows excitement for ASTTBC’s donation to BIG Little Science Centre

On January 10th, John Leech, ASTTBC’s CEO, and Gord Stewart, BLSC Executive Director, talked with three media outlets about the importance of STEM learning and the great career opportunities in applied technology. ASTTBC also presented a $2,500 donation, bringing ASTTBC’s total donations to the BIG Little Science Centre to $40,000.

CFJC Midday news covered the announcement with an interview, as well as B-100 “Good Morning Kamloops” Radio Show and Radio NL, the Jim Harrison Show.

To view the CFJC Midday spot on YouTube, please follow this link.

Photo 1: (L to R) Gord Stewart, Jim Harrison John Leech.

Photo 2: (L to R) Gord Stewart, Cheryl Blackwell, John Leech, Rich Woods.