ASTTBC Partners with Canada-BC Job Fund to Deliver Fire Protection Technician Program

Today the Province of British Columbia posted a News Release to announce that funding has been allocated to ASTTBC for the delivery of a Fire Protection Technician Program, thanks to the federal/provincial partnership under the Canada-B.C. Job Fund Agreement.

Participants will be trained for jobs in the fire protection industry. It includes five weeks of classroom training, safety training and endorsements in four key areas of fire protection, followed by two weeks of job shadowing. The skills training projects support B.C.’s regional labour-market demands and provide opportunities to youth, women, Aboriginal people, immigrants and other eligible participants to receive training, as well as industry-recognized certificates or credentials.

“British Columbians are being put to work in well-paying and rewarding careers and this helps families and the B.C. economy at the same time.” stated ASTTBC CEO John Leech.

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