Prime Minister Trudeau Sends Message to BC’s Technology Professionals at 2016 ASTTBC Technology Awards & Recognition Celebration

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pays tribute to BC’s Technology Professionals and their diverse responsibilities in a letter delivered by MP Joyce Murray to the ASTTBC Technology Awards & Recognition Celebration.


MP Joyce Murray Presents ASTTBC CEO John Leech with Letter from Prime Minister Trudeau

The Prime Minister said, “…ASTTBC has established a community of Technology Professionals dedicated to excellence in their fields with a commitment to professionalism and sustainability. Members are integral in the maintenance and development of Canada’s infrastructure, which forms the backbone of our economy.” Mr. Trudeau talked about the importance of growing our knowledge base, “It is through the free exchange of ideas and diversity of experiences that this organization (ASTTBC) will continue to grow.” Prime Minister Trudeau concluded by congratulating award recipients and the organizers of the event.

ASTTBC CEO John Leech offered a comment on receiving the letter, “ASTTBC has established solid presence with elected officials in Victoria and has had modest success with Canadian Members of Parliament who are from BC. MP Joyce Murray is no stranger to ASTTBC having attending ASTTBC events in the past. Joyce’s presentation to guests at the awards event spoke directly to the important role of ASTTBC members to the growth and development of BC’s and Canada’s
economy. ”

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