‘STEM-to-Jobs’ CEOs of ASTTBC & Science World Discuss

‘STEM-to-Jobs’ emerged as the theme of a recent lunch conversation between the CEOs of Science World and ASTTBC. Scott Sampson, the new President &  CEO for Science World (left in photo), reached out to ASTTBC’s John Leech to check in on the relationship between the two organizations and to test the water on a few ideas Scott is considering.

The conversation ranged from a 2017 planned joint venture to reach out to youth in many communities in BC to the Science Charter, an initiative led by Science World to engage a broader community in support of STEM promotion and links to jobs. ASTTBC is one of the first organizations to sign on to the Charter. The 2017 outreach program includes an activity for youth that highlights the practical application of STEM – Science, Technology Engineering and Math. This special initiative is being pulled together by Science World, with ASTTBC as a partner, as part of a celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday. An announcement on this initiative is anticipated at ASTTBC’s Technology Awards & Recognition Celebration scheduled for November 19th.

ASTTBC and its members are actively involved with several Science World programs, most notably Scientists in the Schools in which technologists and technicians, engineers, scientists and other professionals talk about various job opportunities tied to a background in STEM.

Scott and John plan to get together again in the near future to further develop ideas that emerged from their conversation.