ASTTBC & BC Government Announce Study to Improve Better Access to Tech Employment for People with Disabilities

ASTTBC continues to create a distinct role for the Association as a facilitator in connecting people with disabilities and employers. A special project in partnership with the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation (MSDSI) will enable ASTTBC to reach out to employers in the Lower Mainland to learn about their current practices in support of a diversified workplace. ASTTBC will convene sessions with people with disabilities to better understand their interests, challenges and needs related to pursuing careers in applied science and engineering occupations. Joining ASTTBC as key stakeholders in this exciting initiative will be the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC, Association of Consulting Engineering Companies – BC, Back in Motion, BC Partners in Workforce Innovation, BC Plan and Surrey Board of Trade.


Partners who attended the announcement and function are pictured above: Shawn de Raaff from Centre for Employment Excellence, Brent Mulhall from  Back in Motion, Jamie Millar-Dixon from BCPWIN, John Leech from ASTTBC and Amelia Cooper who was hired to be the Project Coordinator

“At the 2016 Annual Meeting ASTTBC was please to welcome special speakers Randy Lewis and The Honourable Stephanie Cadieux. It was then ASTTBC started to frame a modest and yet critical role in building bridges between employers and people with disabilities,” said ASTTBC CEO John Leech. “During the month of September ASTTBC will speak about our connections with several key organizations such as Tetra and Community Living Society. We will lay out our long-term intentions in support of a diversified workforce.”

A self-governing professional association, ASTTBC and its over 10,000 members play a pivotal role in developing and sustaining BC’s economy and the environment. ASTTBC is ideally positioned to support and assist employers and people with disabilities as they strive to find the right connections for mutual benefit. “We should not lose sight of the fact that technology professionals are well paid and in high demand, a situation that will not change for decades,” concludes John Leech.

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ASTTBC is looking for employers who would interested in supporting ongoing projects related to integrating persons with disabilities into the workforce. For further information please contact Jacqueline de Raadt: