Technology Accreditation Canada welcomes new Executive Director

Technology Accreditation Canada (TAC) welcomes new Executive Director Richard Stamper, and continues to expand its accreditation efforts.

A former manager of business development for the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT), Stamper joined TAC on July 4. At OACETT, he was responsible for generating a 43 per cent hike in student memberships in 2011, and leading the 25 for 25 Building Forward Campaign which established endowed funds at 25 Ontario colleges with a value of more than $880,000.

Now Stamper is committed to realizing TAC’s goal of being a national leader in the accreditation of engineering technology and applied science programs at Canadian post-secondary educational institutions.

TAC is on track to achieving that objective with 47 accreditation applications received from educational institutions, and three of those accreditations now completed. Eight accreditations are in progress and 36 applications are under review. Worthy of note is that 40 of those 47 accreditation applications are from programs that are currently or were previously accredited.

“We are pleased that accreditation applications are coming in from a breadth of programs – in fact, from 14 different engineering technology and applied science disciplines. And applications are being submitted by educational institutions that boast many accredited programs,” said Richard Stamper, TAC executive director.

Site visits for five programs took place at an Alberta post-secondary educational institution on March 14 and 15 and May 27. With a site visit scheduled for Oct. 20 in British Columbia, TAC accreditations will be conducted within all four provinces of the provincial professional associations (PPAs) by year’s end – a significant achievement.

TAC is also having great results in increasing its auditor pool. Following a call for volunteers, more than 190 PPA members have forwarded their résumés.