Submit a Complaint

Complaints must be made in writing and addressed to the ASTTBC Registrar, Mr. Charles Joyner.

Complaints may be submitted via email or regular mail.

  1. Emailed complaints must be sent to
    If you are sending your complaint via email, please ensure the file size is less than 5MB. You may split your complaint submission into multiple emails in order to accommodate the size requirement.
  2. If you would like to send your complaint via regular mail, our mailing address is:
    10767 – 148th Street
    Surrey, BC V3R 0S4

All complaint correspondence must be marked “Confidential”.

Please ensure that your complaint letter:

  • Clearly identifies the ASTTBC member(s) and all the parties involved together with their contact information; include membership number(s) for the ASTTBC member(s) where possible.
  • Fully identifies the applicable location(s).
  • Provides a detailed written description of the actual complaint and allegations, including all relevant dates, times and events.
  • Is accompanied by copies of any relevant and supporting documents, and photographs if possible.

Important: ASTTBC’s complaints and disciplinary process is conducted following the principles of administrative law and procedural fairness. Therefore, the process requires that ASTTBC submit to the member a copy of the complaint, along with all attached documentation, in order to allow the member the opportunity to comment on the allegations.