Professional Practice Bulletins

This page will contain all relevant and current practice bulletins issued to ASTTBC registrants addressing professional practice including:

  • ASTTBC issued professional practice bulletins
  • Bulletins issued by other Regulatory Bodies
  • As directed by Council or other Committee of ASTTBC.

This listing is not a comprehensive list.

ASTTBC registrants must ensure they are familiar with bulletins or practice directives which may affect their professional practice area or discipline.

ASTTBC General Bulletin

COVID-19 Update:  Practice Requirements           Dec 2020                               PB-Gen-2020-002
for ASTTBC Registrants

Practice Requirements during                                 Apr 2020                                PB-Gen-2020-001
COVID-19 pandemic


ASTTBC Registered Fire Protection Technician (RFPT) Bulletins

COVID-19 Update: Practice Requirements              Dec 2020                            PPB-2020-FP-002
for Fire Protection Registrants

Practice Requirements for Fire Protection              Apr 2020                            PPB-2020-FP-001
Registrants during COVID-19 pandemic

RFPT Tags and Labels                                                 Nov 2019                            PPB-2019-FP-001

RFPT Standard of Practice (SOP)                               Apr 2019                            RFPT-SOP-2019


External Covid-19 Resource Bulletins for RFPT


CFAA Bulletin                                                                                                    Apr 3, 2020

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)                                             Mar 24, 2020

Message from BC Fire Commissioner                                                        Mar 20, 2020

City of Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services                                                 Mar 20, 2020

Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services Fire Watch Requirements              Mar 20, 2020

Vancouver Fire Rescue Services Fire Watch Log                                     Mar 20, 2020

Message from FPOABC                                                                                 Mar 20, 2020


External Regulator and Information Bulletins


Technical Safety BC Regulatory Notices & Information Bulletins

ASTTBC Field Representative permit holders                                        Jul 31, 2019

WorkSafe BC Occupational Health & Safety Regulation

Occupation Health & Safety Regulations (OHSR) Revisions               Jun 3, 2019